Monday, March 22, 2010

Poor Fishy

These pictures having nothing to do with the story I am about to tell but it shows how mischievous Jenna can look and things that she can do. And I have no idea why I'm blogging this story, probably because this is my only journaling. Last week I taught Bella's joy school and we did ocean animals. For some stupid reason I thought it would be cool to get some gold fish for demo even though they have nothing to do with ocean animals. I knew that the gold fish would not live for very long around here but how one died I could never imagine. We started out with 3 and we are now down to 1 as of tonight. The first one died the other day for who knows why and the other one died today because of Jenna. Today while I was vacuuming I found Jenna with her arm in the fish bowl and told her "NO". She seemed to listen so I went on with what I was doing. I come back and she had the fish in her hand. It must have only been a second or two. Put it back and the fish was fine. Well you would ask me why didn't you move the fish bowl so she can't put her arm in it. I ask myself that same question, didn't think about it at the time. I was gone tonight and when I came back Branon told me that Jenna got one of the fishes and it died. It was the same fish. I asked if Bella cried because that is what she usually does. Surprisingly no but he said she was sad. Jonas told me that Jenna squeezed it and that he was going to do the same to her. Sorry Jonas but it doesn't work that way. You can not leave that girl out of your sight or you know you are asking for trouble.

Nothing to do with the story but I took Jenna in last Friday for her 2 year check up. If you know my kids they are pretty tall. So when they gave me the paper with the precentile's I wasn't sure if it was a 95 or a 55 in length. The nurse told me 55 and I said are you sure. Bella has always been over 90 and Jonas over 100 so I was a little concern. They measured again and said she really hasn't grown since last September. Her length was 34" and her weight 29lbs. All three kids are 75% in their weight. If I am right I think Jonas was the length at 9 months I'll have to go back and check.

Yes I know I have tons of pictures of her and mostly blog about her but the other ones don't like to get there pictures taken. I guess she doesn't either.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two years ago ....

Two years ago I lay in a hospital bed holding this bundle of joy. It makes me sad that she is already two. Time goes by way too fast. She was such a good baby, and things started to change when she started crawling. She gets into everything, so my eye's have to be on her every waking moment. Lucky for me she likes to sleep. The other day she asked to take a nap and she usually sleeps for at least 2 hours. As soon as she started sleeping through the night at 6 months I can probably count on one hand how many times she has waken up during the night.

Jenna loves food. When I go get her out of the crib she has to go to her chair and she ask for food. She is my most messy eater, so all her cloths are stain since she won't were a bib anymore.

One thing she has always been good at is screaming. I have a friend that said she was the loudest child that she has ever heard. Then I was talking with my sister and of course Jenna was screaming. She ask is that Jenna. Yes! She has twin boys so I ask her doesn't yours scream that loud. No, of course not. It's very embarrassing when you are at the store and she is not getting what she wants, yea everyone at the store is looking at me. She scares other kids with her scream. At least I have one that will hold her own. Jonas could care less if you took something from him. Bella cried, still does. Jenna, of course screams. When my girls are playing and Jenna starts to scream, I know Bella is taking something away from her.

When she is not screaming she is the happiest kid. She loves to dance. The other thing she loves is her blanket, that my friends mom made. Bella has one too and they both can't sleep with out it. Her favorite phrase is "Stop it" We tell her that all the time when she is screaming.

Hopefully I will start blogging a little more now that I finally have Internet on my laptop in my home. This is the only kind of journal I have for my kids.