Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I don't even know where to begin. I'm horrible at trying to put my feelings down on writing and to think when I was younger I wanted to be a writer, until I realized how bad I was at English, so sorry for all those English professors! The idiot that I am went and got umbilical hernia surgery last Monday, yea that's right in December. It wasn't anything major but I had to do it before the end of the year due to insurance purposes. I never had been put out before so I was horrified. Let's just say I hope I never have to do that again. A couple of days later Branon had to be gone all day for Basketball but lucky to some really good friends I was able to survive. Then of course the next I had to be fine because Bella was now sick. She was up all night Tuesday and Wednesday and by Thursday she couldn't stop crying. Finally I took her to the Doctor because I couldn't take in any longer. I'm not suppose to lift more then 20lbs but that was thrown out now. She ended up having a really bad ear infection. I asked the doctor if I could have that miracle shot for her because trying to shove medicine down her throat is impossible especially when she is sick. Lets just say by that night she was doing much better and she finally was sleeping through the night again.
So we got hit with a pretty bad Snow Storm Saturday, then Sunday was freezing cold, and then Monday we got hit with another bad snowstorm. I don't mind it so much if I didn't have to go out in it but since we don't have a garage it really sucks. I've been trying to quit drinking soda and I think I learned my lesson on Monday. I got four packs of soda since they were on sale but never got them out of my car. Monday morning when I went to go start the car in the front passenger seat and dashboard there was ice with coloring. Thought that's strange. Look back and it's all over the place because 4 cans had exploded. Still haven't cleaned it up because I've been so busy trying to catch up plus it's too DAMN cold to go out there.
Tonight I had to go to when of those dreadful work party's. Actually there usually not that bad but Branon's work is Celebrating their 20th year so they went all out. First, we had to dress up and normally we just wear whatever. Second, we had to listen to this guy give some speech of how it all started. I thought he would never end so it made the party go that much longer. You know when your at those Fast Sunday meetings and when the Bishop has to get up there to tell the person to wrap it up. Yea, I was wishing someone would do that to him. The plus side of it they had really good food.

Because of this one I've been able to survive the last couple of weeks. She is at the most amazing age and would love to be able to freeze it. She by far as been the easiest of the three at this age. She went to my friend Sarah's house when I got my surgery done. She has a boy that is just a few days older than her and he is crawling all over and I'm sure will be walking way before he is one. I think watching him move all over gave her inspiration to start moving so she now can do the army crawl. She is happy 99.9 percent of the time and loves to pull this face(above), which I get a crack out of. When I put her in her highchair she starts getting all excited and yelling at me because I'm not getting the food fast enough. She eats 3 times as much as Jonas and Bella ever did.

Jonas is a pretty good boy for the most part but when he wants to throw a tantrum he can throw one. Last night he wanted to go to his friends house and when I told him that he couldn't he starting yelling and hitting me(have no idea where he got that one from). He ended up in his room for like an hour because he wouldn't stop. Every time he came out he would start back up. Finally I told him that he needed to get his pajamas on and if he didn't stop he will go to bed without any dinner. Finally he stopped and was a very very good boy the rest of the night.

Now for this one she gives me a run for my money. As soon as Jonas stopped his tantrum she started hers. Who ever thinks 2 is bad I think 3 is way way worse(the age, not how many kids you have). This girl cries over everything especially when she doesn't get her way, or when Jenna is playing with something that she doesn't want her too. I'm pretty sure there are going to be some nasty fights in the future between those two but I'll try not to think about it and deal with the problem that I have now. When she isn't crying she is so happy and sweet. As you can see she loves to help me cook, hopefully she will turn out better than her mother. She is so fun to watch her play with her toys and how she talks to them, I really need to get it on camera. She also hates having her toys picked up. The other day I was putting some of her toys away so I can vacuum in her room and she came unglued because she wanted them out even though she wasn't playing with them. Like I said she cries over everything. Oh, did I mention Branon is gone Monday nights so he missed out on the fun.

Now that I have most of my venting off my shoulders I only have one more. The Saturday before my surgery we went the the community festival of trees. This was the second year they did it and last year was so much fun. They had tons of trees and seemed to be a lot of people for a small town. This year was a disappointment. They had like 5 trees but I guess that's what happens when you live in a small town. I would like to also know where they got their Santa. Doesn't Santa usually have the kids come sit on your lap? He wasn't the most friendly Santa I've seen. Yeah, Bella is finally not screaming her head off either but she also didn't sit on his lap, and as you can see is holding tight to me.
One thing good that happen over the couple of last weeks was that I got to go with some good friends to see "Twilight" for the second time. I know can you believe it they have a theater here, and they are already showing twilight. It's only a one screen theater but at least they have one. The first time I went and saw it with some of the same people but we had to drive 3 hours to see it opening day. Although I thought it was a real disappointment the first time I had a lot of fun talking and laughing with friends on the long drive. Second time thought it was much better, probably because I knew all the cheesy parts like "you Spider Monkey"!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Total opposites

Jonas and Bella play really well together(for the most part) but that's probably the fact that they are two very opposite kids. I have no idea where Jenna will fit in the picture yet. I'm pretty sure I'll be lucky if the girls get along since Bella does freak out when Jenna rolls over to all her toys and starts grabbing. Here are some of the things that Jonas and Bella do that are totally opposite. Jonas screams when he has to go to school, Bella screams because she wants to go to school. Jonas hates going to bed, Bella goes to bed when she is tired. Jonas will brush is teeth, Bella cries when brushing her teeth. When I get mad Jonas gets mad back, Bella starts to cry "Mom to be angry" it's harder to get after Bella without her crying. The list could go on and on but I'm hoping Jenna will be something in between to make for my perfect child!

Today this one drove me insane. It started at 10 in the morning and lasted until Branon came home at 5. She got her backpack on and cried all day to have me take her to school. When I told her that she didn't have school today she cried even harder. So I didn't get nearly as much as I wanted done today.

So after all my cleaning and making sure everything was off the floor in the living room it didn't take much for few peanut M&M's to make it on the floor. She was on the floor rolling all around and before long Branon looks down and sees that she has chocolate all over her mouth. As you can see it made a huge mess. Not long after this picture was taken she threw up all her dinner plus two peanuts. Hopefully she will be okay!