Thursday, September 30, 2010


That is how I describe Jonas, is persistent. When he has his mind on something he keeps persisting. For example when he wanted to catch frogs he wouldn't let it go. His dad tried a few times taking him up to the mountains and no such luck. He still wouldn't let it go. Finally I had enough, called a friend to ask if she knew where a good place to catch frogs around here. As you can see I was the coolest mom ever and we found that place. Once caught, he doesn't need to go hunting for frogs anymore. It's kind of like that with fishing too. Keeps persisting to go and once he catches a fish he doesn't bother us anymore. Sometimes it drives me crazy but I did have a lot of fun catching frogs with him, and watching Jenna getting muddy from head to toe.

With Jonas being the only boy he loves to be with his cousins. I have two brothers that have boys, and Branon's brothers that have boys around his age so he is in luck. However the girls aren't on my side they are surrounded by boys with my nieces being much older than them. The picture above his with my brother Marks boys and his only girl Lexie. Unfortunately they don't live close by but we will being seeing them in a couple of weeks that he can hardly wait.

Kindergarten and 1st grade was very hard to get him to school but I feel very blessed that he has a wonderful teacher Mr. Wilken that he loves, and it helps that he sits by his friend too. He had such a wonderful teacher last year too but I think it's helped him have a man teacher.

I love him so much, and couldn't imagine life without him. He for the most part his so good with his sisters. He is very kind, sweet, and loves to have fun!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not afraid

Jenna is not afraid to ......
get dirty
touch insects
make me pull my hair out
make me love her

You know there are those kids who if they see an ant they scream, no not her. Jenna likes to squish them. This tomato worm that she is holding she would not stop squishing it at the parade. I finally had to take it away from her when she was scaring the other children with it by chasing them. I once found one of those in her mouth. I know disgusting. Bella's thing was dirt and I thought that was bad but worms gross! She is not even scared of bee's. Jenna has been stung a couple of times because she tried holding them. I can't turn my back on her for one second or she gets into trouble. She loves to make a mess. But as much trouble and mess she makes, she is so fun to have. She is so silly! When you told her to say "grandpa" forever she would say grandma. Now she can't stop saying "grandpa" and then laughs every time she says it. I finally got one that will eat my cooking where the other two have issues. I love her so much and am so glad to have her around even though there are those moments when she makes me want to pull my hair out.

Monday, September 13, 2010


She loves to dress up, not quite sure what she is suppose to be!

Bella was in the parade that we had on Labor day with her Dance team

After looking through my pictures there are so many things I need to blog about, but this post you can only guess is about Bella. Sometimes I have no idea where she comes from. She is very observant, which is nothing like her mother. We were in the car and there was this song was on the radio. I don't know what the song title is but it went something like this, "I'm just going to break your heart." This is how our little conversation went.

Bella: Does that mean you are going to die
Me: No it means you are sad
Bella: Does that mean they are going to rip your heart out.
Me: No it means when a guy is mean to a girl.
Bella: I don't understand
Me: It means when a prince is mean to a princess and he is going to break her heart. You know how when you are in love with some one and it means that the prince is going to break the princess heart.
Bella: Oh, so do I need to find a prince that will always me nice to me!
Me: Yes!

Okay I really wanted to say good luck in finding such a prince. She comes up with some things that I would never think of. Branon thinks I have turn her into a girlie girl but I don't think so. I tell him girls naturally like princesses and pink. Okay the Internet is acting weird so I'm going to try to post this before it is completely gone.

Bella's 1st day of Kindergarten

Bella's teacher Mrs. Skougaard

Her class

Bella's friend Ashlynn

Some of her friends from Joy school

Bella's official 1st day of school was August 31. I meant to post this then but has been a slacker. She has morning Kindergarten which means we start at 8 am. For those that know me, you know I'm not a morning person, so I thought it would be brutal. I was really hoping for afternoon but now I'm glad she is in the morning. The first couple of mornings were wonderful there early but now it can be pretty hectic, but I don't think they have been late yet.