Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

Really how many times can you get sick in 2 in half months. It all started on our anniversary and it seems like I'm sick every other week. This time it was probably due to the lack of sleep I got last weekend on my Scrap booking weekend with my friends. Plus all my kids have a runny nose which probably contributed to being sick this time. A month ago I got strep and for those that have not had it pray that you never get it. I had a fever and could not swallow, and luckily to the miracle shot I was better in a couple of days. I have a sore throat now and I hope I don't get strep again.

Last weekend we went to Olive Garden and got horrible service. My friend Heidi is not afraid to say how she fells and got a free dinner out of it, plus a gift certificate for our next scrap booking weekend. Jenna did pretty good but she is at that age that she grabs everything in sight. Jenna dumbed water all over my friend Amy(who is pictured below). I wished she would have slept in since I was the idiot that I was and stayed up until wee hours in the morning. Oh yea ask me how much I got done? None! However I did get my digital programs working again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

8 months and counting

Jenna was 8 months on Monday, it feels like I just had her. Besides not sleeping through the night she has been are best baby, also best nursing baby too. By now I'm done and dried up but since the fact that she doesn't take a bottle very well I'll be going until she is one. She doesn't have any teeth so it's not too bad. Jonas and Bella didn't get teeth until they were one so we should be fine. She doesn't crawl yet but that doesn't stop her from going one side of the room to the other(she doesn't have very far to go since the room is so small). I can see the future from this picture. Jenna will be trying to take things from Bella, then Bella crying. I might actually have a tough one, that would be weird since the others cry over spilled milk. When Bella is throwing a tantrum, Jenna laughing, it makes Bella even more mad, and I'm with Jenna laughing. Oh can I tell you this time change is killing me. I hate when people say "I'm so excited for that extra hour of sleep." It's more like I get up an hour earlier so this morning I'm up at 5:30.

My friend says Jenna is one of the loudest babies she's seen. She really isn't that bad but when she is hungry or tired then that's when she gets loud. She never really cries is more of yelling and once feed then she is quiet, either she is playing or asleep.

We had activities yesterday and the girls new more then I did about the presidents. I'm sure they will be very disappointed when they wake up and find out that Obama won, because everyone of them wanted McCain to win. The reason why was because he wants school to be year round. I will support Obama but please don't make school year round because I'm with the girls I do not like it.

We had our first Snow storm yesterday and woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground. This is just the start of the long winters here. Last winter was brutal and I heard we are in for another one. Winter also means basketball season so hopefully I will be able to survive. For those that don't know Branon is an assistant coach for the High School Boys Basket Ball team, so he is gone a lot.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

For some reason I wasn't too excited about Halloween this year, but I'm not a huge holiday person either. I've been quite down this last week thinking a lot about my mom. I remember she used to love the Holidays and make them so much fun. Then when she died and my dad took over they became depressing. I remember one Halloween my dad offered us money NOT to go trick or treating. Now having kids I try to get into it more but I'm afraid I'm more like my dad, but I did get my kids costumes and we did do the Trunk or Treating. Then we went to one friends house and as you can see Jonas played on the toys. We couldn't do trick or treating since the houses are too far apart where we live.

Jenna did alright but as you can see she's not to thrilled.

I was trying to get a good picture of Bella but she said she had enough.