Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

For some reason I wasn't too excited about Halloween this year, but I'm not a huge holiday person either. I've been quite down this last week thinking a lot about my mom. I remember she used to love the Holidays and make them so much fun. Then when she died and my dad took over they became depressing. I remember one Halloween my dad offered us money NOT to go trick or treating. Now having kids I try to get into it more but I'm afraid I'm more like my dad, but I did get my kids costumes and we did do the Trunk or Treating. Then we went to one friends house and as you can see Jonas played on the toys. We couldn't do trick or treating since the houses are too far apart where we live.

Jenna did alright but as you can see she's not to thrilled.

I was trying to get a good picture of Bella but she said she had enough.


NancyO said...

Hi ML - I like your new website look. And the Halloween pictures are really fun. Your kids sure are cute. That was a crackup about your dad paying you not to trick or treat. What a downer, but in a funny way! Oh well. I was ready with candy last night - my first Halloween in my house (last year I was on vacation). Candles, pumpkin, outside lights, the whole bit. I had O kids come to my door. Boo hoo. (And belated Happy BD to Alyce!)

Katie and Steve said...

Your websites looks great. The picture of your family is adorable. The pictures are great- I love the one of Bella. Cracks me up.

RonElaine said...

In my opinion, trunk or treating is just as good as trick or treating. Just as fun, but so much safer! Don't get down on yourself for not being Super-holiday Mom. Remember what you loved about the holiday and do those things, that's what we do. It makes them so much more fun because I'm sharing the things I love with my babies and that makes it even better than I remember.