Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our trip to Captiol Reef

I should say our drive instead of trip, because it's only 3o minutes from where we live. You would think I would go more in the summer time when it is not so cold but for some reason I take the drive more in the winter. This summer I'm really going to try harder to go more. It's paradise for Jonas but the problem with him that he goes a lot faster then I and Bella so I'm affraid he is not going to be careful and end up going off one of the cliffs.

The deer in park our very tame and they don't care if you drive right up to them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jenna's first Hair Do

I know it's not a very good picture but I could not get her to smile or hold still so this was the best I could do. Branon comes from all boys he has 4 brothers so I thought for sure I would have all boys but I was sure wrong. I thought for sure Jonas was going to be a girl though because I thought the cycle would certainly have to end soon, he already had two nephews at the time and no nieces. When we found out Jonas was a boy I thought from that moment on I would just have boys, and I was okay with that. One of the positives I never have to worry about doing hair, and I loved that idea. For those that knew me when I was a little girl I hated more than anything having my hair brushed or done. I screamed bloody murder, well Bella is that same way so there are days where I just don't want to face it and let her go looking a little raggedy, I wonder if my mom ever did that with me? I really hate the stage where Jenna's hair is but yesterday I tried for the first time doing her hair, and wished I had all boys!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goals for the Year

I thought I would write my goals down so when I need help I can come back to this post. I'm glad 2008 is over all though it wasn't a bad year we added Jenna to the family and it's been a joy to have her but going to three has been a little harder for me. My goals for this year is to ...
1) Be happier
2) Love my children more, by doing this not yelling at my children(I already broke the one, but I'm trying harder). Spending more quality time with them.
3) Read my scriptures everyday
4) Exercise more(I still have a lot of baby fat to lose, for some reason I gain a lot of weight 50lbs with each pregnancy but it gets harder with each child to lose it).

5) Clean my house more, I wouldn't say I'm a dirty person but I just have a lot of clutter everywhere so my goal I should say is be more organized and put things where they go, maybe I won't lose so much stuff.
Those are it for now but I think it's a good start and I don't want to make a huge list because then I will be overwhelmed and won't do any of them.
I noticed I haven't blogged for awhile so here is a review of the last few weeks. Christmas was wonderful. Christmas Eve we had a ton of people over in our tiny house but I thought it was a lot of fun. Christmas was wonderful, it didn't take to long for the kids to rip open the presents. After they were all open Jonas said "Where are more?" Let's say we had to teach him how to be grateful for what we get. Plus he got his storm trooper helmet that he asked for. Bella got everything she wanted princesses and ponies. Jenna had fun watching Jonas and Bella open presents and she just went for the paper. I was very spoiled this year and got a nice Camera so I need to learn how to take better pictures and to use the camera. Branon's brother Haldon and his family and other brother Kellen came up a couple of days after Christmas to watch Branon's basketball games, it was a lot of fun to have them here. Then I and the girls went down to St. George for a few days and stayed with my parents for New Years Eve. I actually stayed up past midnight and played games with my dad, which was fun because I kicked his butt. Branon and Jonas went with his brother Haldon and his son Kodiak to Salt Lake to watch the Utah and Gonzaga basketball game. School started back up last Monday so we are trying to get back into a normal schedule what ever that may be. Here are some random pictures of the last month.

The kids thought it would be funny to put the cat up on Jenna's chair, as you can see she is really hungry!

Bella is still scared of Santa Clause and this is the closes she would come and that's because I forced her. Jonas was quite embarrassed by her when we went to visit the Santa Claus at the grocery store. Jenna did great and was very amused!

I just wanted to throw in this funny story of Bella. She has done a lot better then I expected to adjusting to Jenna but their are occasional moments where she doesn't and one being this morning. When I had to go nurse Jenna before I put her down for a nap Bella started to cry and tell me that I can't feed Jenna. Then she told me "mom I need to go pee" so I told her she is a big girl you can go in and do it. Her reply was "No, I need you to come squeeze me, so I can pee." I laughed and then she got mad and ended up going pee. Then she said "Maylynn come wipe me now" It just sounded funny having her say my name instead of Mom. Usually she doesn't want me to help her go to the bathroom and especially when she is going number 2 she tells me to go away.