Thursday, May 20, 2010

The joys of siblings

Okay I know I'm not really good at blogging and I really hope one day that I can do at least a weekly post but I feel like there is nothing too exciting to share. With my memory I should be writing everyday so I can go back to something when my kids ask questions about their childhood.

For those that have more than two children maybe you can understand how I feel. Jonas was pretty easy child, Bella came along she was kind of a hard baby but when she turned one it got a lot easier. Jonas and Bella get along for the most part pretty well. Then came along Jenna and things changed drastically. Actually it was pretty easy at first, Jenna was probably the best baby but then it kind of changed when she started crawling. She would destroy Jonas and Bella's creations and that didn't go over so well. Jonas tells me that he doesn't want anymore siblings, and I am sure that has to do with having another kid to destroy his things, although he does that pretty well himself.

Jonas and Bella getting into trouble. Usually this is the influence of Jonas. Got into the Halloween make-up and got it on their entire face. They said "Look mom, we put on your make-up." I had to laugh or else I would ring their little necks.

This is a daily occurrence at our house, a lot of screaming. I would have to say my girls get along half the time, and I really wish it could be a little more. I do have hope though because my sister and I were probably the same way and now we are best friends. Funny story of these two little girls. A couple of weeks ago we were at Branon cousin's reception. It was in the backyard of his new wife's house and it was very very beautiful. When we got there I knew we were in trouble though because there was a swimming pool. Jenna has no fear of those and has no trouble just jumping in. They had the most amazing food and drinks, and we had just each gotten an Italian soda. I was talking to a friend, I look over and Jenna was standing next to the pool just watching it. I was trying to get her to come away a little, but she is like the other two and don't listen very well. Bella decided that she would take action and try to get Jenna herself. Of course that didn't go over so well. Bella was pulling on her cloths to move away from the pool, Jenna was screaming and pulling the other direction. Bella decides to let go of her, and there goes Jenna into the pool. I was right there so I got her out right away. She cried a little but got over it pretty fast. Then I have Bella who is screaming out of control. I thought wow she was really scared for Jenna and that is so nice that she is concern for Jenna, but I thought really she didn't need to scream out of control over here. Finally when I got her to talk and tell me what she is crying over, this is what she had to say, "Mom, you spilled my drink on purpose." Sorry I was running to go rescue Jenna who was drowning. Mine and Jenna's drink went in with her in the pool. We were able to replace those, and Bella's had to be replaced again after she spilled it on the table.

I just loved this picture of Bella. Yes I am a cool mom and we built a fort. It made a huge mess in the living room but it was a lot of fun.