Monday, March 23, 2009

"I want this for Christmas"

If I could go back 5 months and teach Bella that you don't get everything you want, and you have to work for things you do want, I would. Instead when we were in the toy aisle when she wanted something I said "maybe for Christmas". That would avoid the total melt town and she would agree to that. Now that it's March and we go down the toy aisle, all I hear is "I WANT THIS FOR CHRISTMAS! I WANT THIS FOR CHRISTMAS!" I get a lot of looks and laughs on that one. Oh and I love commercials on Nick, and she gets mad at me if I don't see what she wants for Christmas.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture this

1 adult, 8 kids(5 and younger), 1 dog, 2 cats, many many toys, in a 900 square foot house. Yes I watched kids last week and survived. It actually went really well because all the kids got a long but it's something I couldn't do day in and day out. Two of the women that babysit weren't able to do it for a couple of days so I help out once in awhile for those that need help. It was hard on the second day though because Bella was really sick and wanted to be held. I finally took her to the doctor and she had a high fever and a really bad throat. I requested the magic shot since I have to hold her down to take medicine. The next day she was up and playing again.
The pictures are flip flop because I forgot that the last picture you add goes first. You can guess what one I took while I had all the kids.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update on Jonas

I just wanted to thank you for all the comments, it's really helped. I called the special ed teacher who works one on one with Jonas and told her what his teacher had said and was concerned that we should do more testing. She told me that she would talk to both teachers and then call me back. After a few days she called back and told me that both teachers weren't really concern and what Ms. Davies was telling me that she is more worried about Jonas socially( I guess I wasn't understanding her). If you know Jonas he gets in his own world and makes these noises(there hard to explain but it sounds like he is playing cars crashing) and doesn't care who is around. So she is worried that the other kids would make fun of him. He also has a hard time focusing but they don't seem to be concern about that right now. After reading that post it made it sound like I don't like his teachers or at least the morning one and I actually like both of them a lot. Ms. Davies the morning one I feel like she has helped him catch up tremendously in ways that I don't think any other teacher can do. I am doing much better since that post and am working more with Jonas one on one time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenna

I can't believe you are 1! This year has definitely gone by too fast. The past month I have been dreading for this day because you are the last I don't want you to get bigger. You are not walking yet but that doesn't keep you from anything. You are a speed crawler, when you see something you want in eye view, you are there tearing it up. I think your favorite thing to do is scream and you love to hear yourself do it. When we were at a basketball game and in the bathroom you started screaming and thought it was funny to hear it because it made an echo. You love Bella and Jonas and love to play with them, Jonas especially loves to make you laugh but can be a little rough at times. Bella as well likes to make you laugh but she gets so mad at you when you start to go after her toys. You have been such a joy this last year and I'm looking forward to the next year.

Jenna had no problem digging into her cake. By far she was the funniest to watch and of course my video camera was dead. All the kids laughed so hard and I think she really liked being center of attention. Jenna would flare her arms all around and cake and icing would go all over. Of course she had to do her crazy loud scream. One day I will record it and post it.