Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture this

1 adult, 8 kids(5 and younger), 1 dog, 2 cats, many many toys, in a 900 square foot house. Yes I watched kids last week and survived. It actually went really well because all the kids got a long but it's something I couldn't do day in and day out. Two of the women that babysit weren't able to do it for a couple of days so I help out once in awhile for those that need help. It was hard on the second day though because Bella was really sick and wanted to be held. I finally took her to the doctor and she had a high fever and a really bad throat. I requested the magic shot since I have to hold her down to take medicine. The next day she was up and playing again.
The pictures are flip flop because I forgot that the last picture you add goes first. You can guess what one I took while I had all the kids.

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V and Co. said...

wow! the kids room looks AWESOMELY clean! you want to come over here and do that for my boys' room?