Sunday, March 20, 2011

One of the Happiest Places

Thanks to my wonderful aunt Nancy we were able to take a trip to Newport Beach and go to Disneyland for the first time. Nancy posted on facebook that she was giving her timeshare up and I was all over it. I've wanted to go to Disneyland for along time and with her letting us have her timeshare we were able to go. My friend and her daughter came with us. Our first day at Disneyland the girls went and had Breakfast with the princesses. Jenna was scared at first and she slowly warmed up. While we were at breakfast Branon and Jonas went on the rides. We never really had a plan when and where to meet, just figured we have cell phones. Problem is that Branon's phone died when we were trying to figure out where to meet. I was so stressed out that we were never going to meet up and finally after 3 hours he borrowed a cell phone. While I was stressed out waiting for him they kept riding rides so I'm glad they still had fun.
We went on a couple of scary rides and was surprised that Bella was the one that wasn't as scared. Jonas didn't care for them has much. Jenna all she really cared for was the princesses. We had so much fan and can't wait to go back. We also spent a couple of days at the beach, and a day at Sea World. Since it takes forever to add pictures and it is so late I will post those this next week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Baby is 3

I can't believe my baby is 3. Although she no longer is a baby she will always be mine.

Jenna's birthday week was a crazy one. It was 1A state basketball so Branon was gone all week and then I had to get ready to go on Vacation right after basketball was over. I really wasn't in the mood to do much but I decided I need to at least give it a try so last minute I decided to tempt to make a castle cake. Tempt is the key word but what matters is she loved it.
Also last minute I invited our neighbors over and our friends to help celebrate.
I was hoping now that she was three she would be out of the terrible two's but she proved me wrong. She took her cone and crumbled into pieces over the floor before she could get ice cream in it. I thought Jonas always made a mess but I'm pretty sure she tops him. She can't be left alone unless you plan on cleaning up a mess.
Even though you make a mess you have the cutest personality.
Happy belated Birthday, love you tons.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can you tell

Can you tell that my kids hate taking pictures. I was just going through my pictures and my kids have some funny faces.

Jenna and I went to Bella's Valentine class party. Bella is in the back row and I don't think she once looked at the camera and I have 5 class pictures.
It's hard taking pictures of them individually but it's pretty much impossible to have them together especially the girls.

These last two pictures are random. I don't post much and probably part of it is the lack of taking pictures and it has been crazy busy since November. I told myself after the holidays is should slow down but that hasn't been the case at all. I do see the light at the tunnel though. Branon has been coaching basketball for Valley High School which requires him to be gone pretty much the whole week since November and sometimes the weekend depending on if they have games. This is the last week and then we are headed on a vacation to Southern California thanks to my wonderful Aunt Nancy.
This was on the first of January when we had a nice snow storm. The kids had a blast and I even went for a ride, and thank goodness we didn't get a picture of that. Of course Branon made me fall off the tube but it was a blast. Next time I need to get a bigger tube, since the kids accuse me for the hole in it.

Does anyone know how to write above the first picture??