Sunday, March 20, 2011

One of the Happiest Places

Thanks to my wonderful aunt Nancy we were able to take a trip to Newport Beach and go to Disneyland for the first time. Nancy posted on facebook that she was giving her timeshare up and I was all over it. I've wanted to go to Disneyland for along time and with her letting us have her timeshare we were able to go. My friend and her daughter came with us. Our first day at Disneyland the girls went and had Breakfast with the princesses. Jenna was scared at first and she slowly warmed up. While we were at breakfast Branon and Jonas went on the rides. We never really had a plan when and where to meet, just figured we have cell phones. Problem is that Branon's phone died when we were trying to figure out where to meet. I was so stressed out that we were never going to meet up and finally after 3 hours he borrowed a cell phone. While I was stressed out waiting for him they kept riding rides so I'm glad they still had fun.
We went on a couple of scary rides and was surprised that Bella was the one that wasn't as scared. Jonas didn't care for them has much. Jenna all she really cared for was the princesses. We had so much fan and can't wait to go back. We also spent a couple of days at the beach, and a day at Sea World. Since it takes forever to add pictures and it is so late I will post those this next week.


RonElaine said...

When did you go?! We just got home last week. I'm jealous you got to see so many characters, we didn't see hardly any!

NancyO said...

I'm glad the weather cooperated. Wish I could haved been there.