Friday, May 6, 2011

The Ocean

I know it's been forever and I was suppose to post these pictures way back in March and one day I will get on top of my blog since this is my only journal of my family. My last post was about our trip to California and did only pictures of Disneyland, and now here is our pictures of the Beach. We spent two different days there and I think they loved it as much as Disneyland. Okay maybe not as much but they still loved it.

The bottom picture of Bella is the first trip to the beach and she got sucked into one of the first waves. Scared her half to death not to mention her mother too. I know I'm a mean mom and took a picture of her afterwords. She spent the rest of the time in the car staying warm. As you can see from the above picture she didn't stay too scared because she did get back in the water the next trip to the beach.

Love this girl so much. She has the cutest facial expressions.

Again thanks to my wonderful Aunt Nancy that we got to take this trip. Looking back at these pictures makes me sometimes wish I lived close to the beach.

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SarahJean said...

Your kids are so beautiful!
I miss the beach but I don't miss what those waves can do~ I once got stuck in a riptide. It was awful.
I'm so glad you all had fun!