Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jenna's first Hair Do

I know it's not a very good picture but I could not get her to smile or hold still so this was the best I could do. Branon comes from all boys he has 4 brothers so I thought for sure I would have all boys but I was sure wrong. I thought for sure Jonas was going to be a girl though because I thought the cycle would certainly have to end soon, he already had two nephews at the time and no nieces. When we found out Jonas was a boy I thought from that moment on I would just have boys, and I was okay with that. One of the positives I never have to worry about doing hair, and I loved that idea. For those that knew me when I was a little girl I hated more than anything having my hair brushed or done. I screamed bloody murder, well Bella is that same way so there are days where I just don't want to face it and let her go looking a little raggedy, I wonder if my mom ever did that with me? I really hate the stage where Jenna's hair is but yesterday I tried for the first time doing her hair, and wished I had all boys!

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Nat Nat said...

Oh no way don't wish you had all boys. Girls are so much fun and oneday you will be their best friend. There is just something about the mother daughter and the sisters relationships that is amazing.

She looks cute.. even in the one where she is making a face. hehe Miss you. We have got to get together soon.