Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Olive hands and Pumpkin Carving

When Jonas started putting olives on his hands it reminded me how much I loved to do that when I was his age, oh wait I still do. Of course what he does, Bella has to follow.
Here's Jenna watching us carve pumpkins. She was quite amused.

Yea we finally carved our pumpkins! We usually do it the night before but it looks like we are ahead of the schedule my a night. Plus this is Branon's first time being with us because he is usually out working. I thought it went much smoother with him there.

I have to share a story that has nothing to do with carving pumpkins but it comes up every time I'm carving pumpkins because it has to do with a pumpkin knife. When I was little my cousins lived down the street so we did a lot with them. I apparently got mad at my cousin Allison and when she tried to come get something from our backyard I got a pumpkin knife and told her that if she didn't get out I would hurt her. Okay I probably said kill instead of hurt but I would like to think I wasn't that mean. You wonder where Jonas gets his anger problems.


McFarland Family said...

Your baby is getting so big! I have never thought (or seen) olives on fingers. How Halloween-ish. Cute!

V and Co. said...

my kids do that too, and i think olives are gross so i never did that growing up...i guess mine just skipped a generation!