Thursday, October 23, 2008

How do you burn soup?

Let me tell you, tonight was a nightmare. That is a understatement. I've been doing activity day's for a year in half, and tonight will go down as the worse activity for me. We did a Daddy, Daughter activity. Since there are a lot of girls we have two groups; a younger, and older. Lately there are way more older than younger. I've been doing the older group. So the other ladies wanted to get together and do a activity together. All of us together there are 6 of us(leaders) and only me and another lady came. Two ended up sick, one ended up getting surgery, and the other was going to be out of town, so it was things that really they couldn't do anything about. It would have gone a lot smoother if I was not the idiot that I am, and burn the soup. The lady that got surgery made a nice big taco soup and all we had to do is warm it up. There were also two smaller soups but it wasn't about to feed 40 people. I accidentally put it on high and totally forgot about it and the next thing I know, totally burnt the bottom and made the whole soup gross. Luckily two ladies came from the primary presidency to help so we had to run to the store and get some Bear Creek soup and hurry and make it. Let's just say the other soup would have tasted a whole lot better, and we ended up starting 30 minutes late. There are other details that I can put in that made the night a disaster but I'll keep those to myself, plus I'm sure you already are bored of this story.

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Amy said...

ML you crack me up! I didn't find your story boring at all, it sounds all too familiar! You must live in Crazytown with me...