Monday, October 20, 2008

Horrible Mother

Here are a few pictures of my kids that my friend took. Branon was gone for the weekend and the weather was wonderful so we went out to take these cute pictures. Branon went up to Salt Lake to take two test for his licensee. He got home late last night and then left this morning and won't be home until late tonight. Let me tell you I miss him so much! I don't realize how much he does until he is gone. Saturday night all three of these kids kept me up and only got over 3 hours of sleep. I wish he was here so I could take my Sunday nap to make up for the lost of sleep. Although, while the girls slept, Jonas let me sleep for 30 minutes which is really good for him since he is so loud. I was waken up from him climbing on the counter to eat all the chocolate. No wonder why he is so hyper.

I know, I say too many times I'm a bad mother, but I know I do the best that I can. I obviously am not that bad because my kids do love me, plus they are the biggest mama kids that I know. But what I did today was just horrible, but thank goodness kids forget. When Jonas came home from school today I thought I would be good and do homework instead of doing it right before bedtime. Jenna had fallen asleep in the car so I put her in her room. She had awaken before I was done with Jonas. Bella thought she would be a great sister and go play with her. Well while in there I heard her cry but didn't think nothing of it. Then I didn't hear her anymore but Jenna started to cry so I thought she went into her room and play. When we were done doing homework I got on the phone. Jonas kept saying "Where is Bella, I can't find her." I ignored him for awhile. Then Jonas wouldn't stop so I thought I better go find her. I went into Jenna's room and in the closet I found Bella asleep in there. Jonas said, "Mom is she alive or dead?" Luckily she was alive still but I felt so bad that I never went and checked on her. She ended up sleeping for 3 hours and that is why my kids just barely went to bed.


Anonymous said...

cute pits! i can't believe how big the kids are getting!?!

Burrows: places of retreat; shelter or refuge. said...

Love the pictures. You're kids are gorgeous!