Monday, October 6, 2008

Roll, Fly, Roll

Right now I'm staring at the ceiling, trying to relax and I count 10 flies. I probably have another 20 in the kitchen. I have to say that is one thing I don't like about living right next to cows. There seems to be a million flies. I probably have tons of them in my van because it only took me 3 hours to clean it out today. Yes I know I had one really really dirty van. If you look at the picture really carefully, way back in the kitchen by the window there is one of those fly stripes. Had no idea what they were until we lived here but you have to have one unless you want to be killing flies all day long. I think they are quite disgusting.

Jenna's first time to roll was back in the end of July but she would only roll onto her stomach and be okay for a minute and then start crying, she hates to be on her stomach. Finally the last few days she has been rolling over and over. Jonas was quite amused by it all. Doesn't take much to get him excited. I've decided my kids take after their parents and are quite lazy(laid back is what we like to call it). My kids have been a little behind on their milestones which is okay with me. I still have lots of time before I have to start chasing another child. I have a friend that had a boy a few days before Jenna and he is crawling everywhere and is starting to pull himself up, before long she will be chasing him around.
Sometimes I have no idea why I have a blog and write. Since first I'm a horrible writer, never has been my strong point. And second hardly anybody really reads it, at least it looks that way. So for those that do read I'm really sorry about my writing skills and grammar. My spelling would be worse if it wasn't for spell check.


Amy said...

I read your blog, I just don't always comment. I'm lazy sometimes!

And yes, Nat is coming to SB USA and so is Heidi and Nicki. It should be alot of fun but it won't be as much fun if your not there! So you hafta come!

Katie and Steve said...

There's more people than you think who read your blog. Everyone tells me they look at mine and I've never seen a comment from them. I guess I do it more for myself.

I found this post rather hilarious. You always crack me up! Good luck on those flies. And congratulations Jenna! Before I know it, I'll have two babies rolling all over the place.

Burrows: places of retreat; shelter or refuge. said...

I'm glad you have a blog! Who cares about the spelling? I just like seeing pictures of your cute kids!

Nat Nat said...

Oh man I hate those fly strips! Jesse has them all over the house and they look so gross but I admit they do a great job.

I love how you write about them. And I love your blog. Remember it is a place to journal and keep your thoughts it doesn't matter if your grammer if off. Mine is horrid.

Miss chatting wiht you! I work midnight to 6 am now. UGH! I can't wait for Nov. Please tell me you are comming to St. G I have to have my friend fix or I may go crazy!!!!

NancyO said...

Yeah - what everybody else said. I like to check in once in a while to hear what's going on and see the pictures, so don't stop!