Monday, October 13, 2008

Almost peace

So I know Jonas is probably to old to be taking a bath with his younger sisters and he will probably kill me later for this picture but at least I'm not showing is boy part. Branon and I got a little break from the two older crazy/wild children last weekend. Jonas and Bella went to my brother Steve's house. While they were running around crazy and waking up early we were staying at this place in Northern Idaho. Actually this place was in Western Montana at a Bed and Breakfast but we only stayed one night and then we were at a lodge in Sandpoint. It was our first experience at a Bed and Breakfast and it would have been so much more relaxing if Jenna wasn't there, but she did remarkably well. I just wish she would sleep through the night.

Here is Branon and Jenna hanging out. There was a picture of her and me but somehow got erased. I forgot how life was so much easier with just one kid. Although I have to say I did miss Jonas and Bella. As much as they drive me crazy I do love being there mother.

We had an awesome time, things went so much better then I thought, but the last few hours of the trip was living hell. The airplane ride back was a nightmare. Due to the weather the turbulence was horrible and the last 20 minutes Jenna screamed her head off and there was nothing I could do about it. Then we just wanted to get our car and go pick up the kids and get home. Branon went to go pick it up while I sat with Jenna and our luggage. I thought wow he is taking a long time. Jenna is starting to scream and my patience is gone, so I called Branon wondering where the hell he is. He said the battery is dead. Great! The jumper thing that we have in our car is dead too and we have no jumper cables. Apparently nobody as them in their car either. Branon decides to come pick us up but then we got on the employee bus and took the detour and Branon at this point it livid so we get off the last stop and walk in the freezing cold. I was getting mad but I guess it saved a little time instead of going back and getting on a whole new bus. By the time we were suppose to be at my brother's house we finally found someone with jumper cables to get us up and running. We found the source of our problem and it was one of the kids left the light on in the back. So make sure all your car lights are off when you leave you car at the airport.


Burrows: places of retreat; shelter or refuge. said...

I'm glad you had a good time despite the ending. Hey, where does Steve live these days?

lazycrazymom said...

He lives in Santaquin.

NancyO said...

Sorry you had all those problems - not a good ending to your trip. I hate turbulence!