Monday, September 13, 2010


She loves to dress up, not quite sure what she is suppose to be!

Bella was in the parade that we had on Labor day with her Dance team

After looking through my pictures there are so many things I need to blog about, but this post you can only guess is about Bella. Sometimes I have no idea where she comes from. She is very observant, which is nothing like her mother. We were in the car and there was this song was on the radio. I don't know what the song title is but it went something like this, "I'm just going to break your heart." This is how our little conversation went.

Bella: Does that mean you are going to die
Me: No it means you are sad
Bella: Does that mean they are going to rip your heart out.
Me: No it means when a guy is mean to a girl.
Bella: I don't understand
Me: It means when a prince is mean to a princess and he is going to break her heart. You know how when you are in love with some one and it means that the prince is going to break the princess heart.
Bella: Oh, so do I need to find a prince that will always me nice to me!
Me: Yes!

Okay I really wanted to say good luck in finding such a prince. She comes up with some things that I would never think of. Branon thinks I have turn her into a girlie girl but I don't think so. I tell him girls naturally like princesses and pink. Okay the Internet is acting weird so I'm going to try to post this before it is completely gone.


Amy Foster said...

I love it! She's such a cute girl! Hey, I need to find those pictures of when you visited us! I have some really cute pictures somewhere!!!!! I'll find them & e-mail you copies of them, k??

Katie Ross said...

Cute conversation! There are still good princes out there.

NancyO said...

That was a fun exchange!