Friday, December 5, 2008

Total opposites

Jonas and Bella play really well together(for the most part) but that's probably the fact that they are two very opposite kids. I have no idea where Jenna will fit in the picture yet. I'm pretty sure I'll be lucky if the girls get along since Bella does freak out when Jenna rolls over to all her toys and starts grabbing. Here are some of the things that Jonas and Bella do that are totally opposite. Jonas screams when he has to go to school, Bella screams because she wants to go to school. Jonas hates going to bed, Bella goes to bed when she is tired. Jonas will brush is teeth, Bella cries when brushing her teeth. When I get mad Jonas gets mad back, Bella starts to cry "Mom to be angry" it's harder to get after Bella without her crying. The list could go on and on but I'm hoping Jenna will be something in between to make for my perfect child!

Today this one drove me insane. It started at 10 in the morning and lasted until Branon came home at 5. She got her backpack on and cried all day to have me take her to school. When I told her that she didn't have school today she cried even harder. So I didn't get nearly as much as I wanted done today.

So after all my cleaning and making sure everything was off the floor in the living room it didn't take much for few peanut M&M's to make it on the floor. She was on the floor rolling all around and before long Branon looks down and sees that she has chocolate all over her mouth. As you can see it made a huge mess. Not long after this picture was taken she threw up all her dinner plus two peanuts. Hopefully she will be okay!


V and Co. said...

well it makes things interesting that's for sure! i was wondering when she was going to stop asking to go to school! here's to jenna being perfect!

Amy said...

But they are so dang cute that its worth it, right?! LOL Love the pictures!

Katie and Steve said...

Glad Jenna is okay. Way cute pictures