Monday, August 25, 2008

Never been so excited about poop

So I've been working on potty training Bella for about a month now and it took a few days to get where she would go pee but she would not go poo I tried bribing her but that never worked. So today I finally told her if you don't go poo in the toilet the monster is going to come get you. It might not have been the best according to the toilet training books but I don't care because it WORKED. I was jumping up and down with excitement and screaming. Lets just hope that she continues to do that.

Note: the picture of Bella is over a year old but that's the most recent picture I have of her on this computer.


Amy said...

Those stupid toilet training books don't work anyway. I told Carson if he pooped in his pants one more time I was going to spank his butt and he never pooped his pants again! Whatever works is what I say! Congrats on the poop!

Nat Nat said...

Hey nothing works with Will so go you!!!! He keeps taking his poopy diapers off or even worse he takes of a perfectly nice diaper and then poops on my floor! grrrrrrrr!!!! He is such a pill! And lets see bribes,treats, rewards, threats, and spankings don't work. He is worse than having a dog in the house!