Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What we have been up to

Bella had her dance pictures a few weeks ago. I got them back this week and she is going to take after her mom when it comes to taking pictures. If I can ever learn how to scan in pictures I'll show you what I mean. I do love this picture of her in her dance costume. She really has loved it and will be sad that it's almost over. She is so funny when it comes to girls and boys. When we are in the car she always ask for a girl songs, and can get up set if a boy is singing. I didn't realize how many more men sing over women. Also we are going to be out of town and she will miss the fire sation trip at preschool and asked if she was sad about it. "No mom, it's a boy thing." She doesn't want to play any sports yet because that too is a boy thing. Branon is really hoping that she will grow out of that.

Day before Easter we went and visited Branon's brother and his family in St. George. We had a Easter egg hunt at there house. They had such a blast! There was a moment when Jenna had a freak out as you can tell. My sister in law's Dad lives across the street from them so when he came over to watch the kids she was horrified of him. It took her a few minutes and once she figured that there was candy in the eggs she had fun.

Do I need to say anything more? I have a tote of Halloween costumes even of those in the past. He kept bugging me about the fireman one. I told him that it wouldn't fit so don't even try. Of course the kid does not listen to his mom. I just about died laughing when I saw him. He thought he was pretty cool and even went outside to play.

Our friend Gabe from Loa came down and visited for a few hours so we decided that was a good time to color eggs. In Loa it is a tradition that you go roll them down a hill, but since we were not there we tried to go a few days after Easter and found out that it didn't work on any of the hills around here. The kids still had a blast attempting to do it.

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Katie Ross said...

Jenna looks so cute screaming! What what so scary about the guy?:) I can't believe how tall Jonas is! Yesterday our boys went for their 2 year check up and they are only in 40%ile. I wouldn't doubt Jonas is over 100.