Monday, September 22, 2008

Bella's real 1st haircut

Here's the before picture, also her first day of Preschool.
Yes I finally did bangs, even though most people told me not to. I just was never able to have her hair down because it was always in her face and it drove me crazy. Plus she takes after me when it comes to getting her hair done. As a little girl I had to go down the street to have my aunts to have my hair done, because I wouldn't let my mom or older sister do it. Also, Branon prefers it down.

I had to add this picture because I loved her expression.

Since I don't have a updated pictures of Jenna, here are a couple. You can see why I love her still when she wakes up at night and I'm so dead tired. She is so worth it. Bella has done quite well with Jenna even though I think there is some jealousy there since she never plays with her. I ask her if she loves Jenna and she says "no mommy, I love you." Until the other night she was making Jenna laugh so hard and ever since then Bella has been a little more into her. A good laugh was all Bella needed.

I will post more picture of the last month since I finally got our laptop back and can upload my picture now. Maybe I will be blogging more.


Nat Nat said...

So glad you got your computer back. I had been wondering when you would post again... and then I went off the deep end in blog world. I just hadn't been on in a while. Just kinda was feeling blah and didn't do much of anything for a while there.

I am feeling better and also getting more computer time with our hrs being back up. I suck whatever.. this doesn't make any sense. Bye

Nat Nat said...

And what I really wanted to say was that I LOVE the bangs. I think she looks great with them. If I had to choose I say the bangs are better on her. She is so cute!