Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mama's Kids

So my two other kids are big time mama's kids, and it drives me crazy. I had hope that Jenna would not turn into one but at her 6 month check up she apparently made me think she will end up like the other 2. I think she was really smart and new what was coming, those horrible shots. When the doctor was looking her over she was crying and kept reaching for me. I really wish I could post a picture of her and the other kids, it's driving me crazy not having our laptop. Everyone says she looks like Jonas and she is also like Jonas off the charts when it comes to height. Her length is 28 inches, and weighed in at 16.14 lbs. Tall and skinny just like Jonas. She still doesn't sleep through the night which is driving me crazy. Up until her appointment she was waking up twice, but since then it's only once which isn't too bad. That was only a few days ago so I'm not counting on it. I have a friend that has a boy just a few days older then Jenna and he is rolling all over getting up on is knees and getting ready to crawl. Not Jenna, she is so laid back just watching the older kids run around but as no desire to join in. The only thing she does is roll and that is just once right onto her belly and after a few minutes she starts crying. I let her cry for awhile hoping that she can learn to roll back over but no luck yet.


Nat Nat said...

Oh be glad she isn't wanting to join in yet. Garyn didn't crawl till he was like 8 or 9 months and then didn't walk till he was 16 months. It was so nice to keep him a baby longer. And to keep him out of things. ;) Samanthat walked at 8 months the little stinker! And she had been under my feet ever since. LOL

Want to go to St. G? in Nov. for SB USA and stay at Amy's? When you getting your laptop back? I want to see pictures too. ;)

lazycrazymom said...

I'll finally be getting my laptop back this weekend. What weekend in Nov. are you thinking?