Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Belated Halloween!

Can't say it was the best Halloween ever but no Halloween is the best ever to me. I'm just glad it is over and I pretend I love the holiday for the kids. Although I do like the candy so I guess it's not the worst. We had a ward trunk or treat that night that was a lot of fun.
Jonas was a good boy and only went around once and then went and passed out candy. Bella probably went around the cars 5 times. By the end of it she said her bag was to heavy to carry. Bella had a dance performance for the retirement home. She did really good but we are always running late that I didn't get to paint her face but she was still cute.

We finally got around to carving pumpkins even though Branon and I weren't too excited about it but we had been promising them for days and finally got around to it on Halloween.

Jenna loved it and kept putting her head in her little pumpkin, and trying to eat it!


Katie Ross said...

Can you send me some of Bella's candy? We only took the boys to about 6 houses and most of it we through away because it was lots of hard candy (I only like chocolate!) Way cute pictures.

sarahjean and family said...

IM so excited to see you have a blog.... now i can stay updated on you!!!! wahoo!!!