Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is why it is good to have pets!

The other day while Jenna was taking a nap, I too wanted to go lay down for a few minutes. Before I can Bella comes to me and says "Mom will you play dolls with me?" Bella mom wants to go lay down for a few. Bella says "but I have no one to play dolls with." I feeling a little gulity I really should go play with her but then I see the cat and I tell Bella, I bet Daisy would love to play dolls with you. Bella looks at Dasiy and says "Oh mom, she told me she wanted to play dolls with me." This made me so happy!
Here are a few recent pictures of Jenna. She has been nothing but trouble lately but very cute so it's all worth it. I would write more update but have to go pick up Jonas and we still don't have internet so I'm at the library doing this. I'm still hoping one day soon the interent will come soon.

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Katie Ross said...

It looks like you have a new background- I like it! I want to change up my blog but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Love the cute pics. How would you like to have two Jenna's who are nothing but trouble? Aaron and Andrew keep me busy but they are SO much fun at the same time.