Monday, September 14, 2009

Wondering where I have been?

Me too. It's almost been 2 months since I've posted and let me tell you why. It's called dial-up. I no longer get on the Internet and I found out a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to get cable Internet that I won't be able to get anything different until October. At least I hope, the guy told me that my neighborhood should be getting new cables and I would have to wait. I'm crossing my fingers that is just a month away.

Let's see the last time I posted I was in Alaska. I had a blast up there and one day I will have to post pictures but that will have to wait until I get that Internet. We came home and did a week of swim lessons. I was lucky because I could go while they had their lessons and Jenna got to have fun in the kiddie pool. That girl has now fear. She kept trying to go into the big pool. Plus she had so much fun walking in the kiddie pool that she sometimes would go under since she would scream if you tried to put any kind of float device on her. Don't worry I was right there to grab her and she didn't mind at all going under. So you would think washing her hair in the tub wouldn't be so hard.

Then we went to Lake Tahoe for my family reunion. It was such a blast! I love that place. It's a lot of fun when your kids have other kids to play with. We stayed a couple days after everyone left and Jonas kept saying "I have no friends to play with." We did a lot of fun things while we were there but my kids favorite was playing at the beach. I was telling my aunt how we have bad luck with cars, and literally that afternoon a bear broke our driver's window and climbed right in and made a mess of our bag of pretzels. I should be lucky that the only damaged done is the broken window and the mess left behind. So if you are in Lake Tahoe make sure you don't leave any food in the car.

School in now in full swing. Jonas so far is doing much better than last year although this morning was a little rough but hopefully it was just one morning verses 180. Bella started dance today and of course she loves it. I also have her in two different pre-schools one that I will be teaching every 6 weeks. I figured it's only every 6 weeks. I thought I could never teach especially pre-school aged but I figured it probably is the easiest since they don't care if you mess up.

Jenna is getting bigger and into more trouble but is so cute. I knew as soon as she figured out how to walk it would be more trouble. She is now climbing on the couch and running and jumping on it. Her favorite thing to climb is the table. She can also reach the edge of the counter so I'm learning really fast to move things where she can't reach.

Hopefully you have survived this post and sorry that there are no pictures I will try to post those next time.


NancyO said...

Hi ML - Just wanted you to know I read your post. I've been in Washington state all week and am now home and catching up on email, blogs, facebook, etc. It's like a full-time job. Glad you're all well and good luck with getting broadband.

Katie Ross said...

Aaron is the same way- he loves the water in the pool but when it comes to the bath and getting his face and hair wet, forget it. Imagine having two Jennas walking, climbing, jumping on things. It's a constant whirlwind of mess and chaos all day.