Saturday, July 18, 2009

Guess who can walk finally?

Jenna! She was my earliest crawler but my latest walker. I thought she would for sure beat Bella who didn't walk until she was 15 months. She was just like her as far a standing up in the middle of the room just waiting forever to take that first step. Could even move her legs up and down, and only take one tiny step and then fall down and start crawling. Jenna did that for a little while and all I wanted her to do was walk so she could stop getting all her cloths, hands, knees and feet all dirty. July 5(16 months) she just started to walk from one room to the other. It was so funny to see her do it, and she thought she was pretty cool. I wasn't sure how she was going to do with us going to Alaska(we have been up here since the 9 and go back tomorrow, that's why I have been able to post some. Once we get our Internet up and running I will have to post about our trip) but she is becoming a speed walker now and before long I'm sure she will be running, in fact she already has tried. Here are a few pictures of her taking more than one step.

I love her face, she really has the cutest expressions.

I'm doing it.

I finally made it.

Yes I can!


V and Co. said...

whoot look at her gooooooo! ;)
hmmm i still need to try to fix your blog...i'll start working on it again!

Katie Ross said...

Congratulations Jenna! I've got one down one to go. When they're both walking I'm in big trouble.