Thursday, July 16, 2009


For those that don't know we have three birthdays within 5 days of each other and sometimes those birthdays fall on Father's day. It's one big party that week and I feel like it cost just as much as Christmas.
Mine came first, on June 21, which fell on Father's Day. You are probably wondering what kind of cake that is. Angel food cake and I just love to eat it plain. Branon had a Family Reunion that weekend in Tropic(it's close to Bryce Canyon) so we came home that day and had foil dinners in our backyard with Branons brother's family. I feel like my birthday is just another day and I don't make it that big of deal. It is more fun to spoil the kids on their day. They don't get the royal treatment like I did growing up. I remember for my birthdays we would get our special box of cereal which was usually Lucky Charms. My parents had red dishes that were only used on special occasions and so we would get those red dishes. My mom would also make our favorite dinner. Are you wondering how old I am? It's my last year in my twenties. I'm going to be living it up this year.
Jonas's birthday is a couple of days later on the 23. Branon had to end up working that night so instead of being alone we went up to Loa and stayed with some friends. We got pizza and a cake and went to the park. I didn't realize this until after he had is birthday at the same place and wore the same outfit. Oh-well! This year however was a lot more chill we made a bigger deal last year. He had more friends and did the whole Star Wars theme.
A friend asked him how old he was now and he said "I'm still 5, until I blow out my candles and then I will be 6." He says he wants to stay 6 forever and doesn't want to get older.

Finally there is Bella, whose birthday is the 26. I love this very cheesy look. As you can tell she was very excited about her birthday. When Jonas woke up that morning she told him "It's my turn to have a birthday now." I guess it works to have all our birthday's close. We didn't do to much for her birthday. She just had her new friend that lives down the street come over to have cake and ice cream. She is now 4!
When I went to do there well check ups the doctor asked if my husband was tall. Go figure, Jonas is still way over 100 percent in his height. Most people thinks he is 8. And Bella is 95 percent in her height.
Now in less then a couple of weeks we will be celebrating another birthday, Branons! Jenna is just the odd one in our family. I joke with Branon that we are going to have another baby so it could be close to Jenna's birthday. He just laughs, because he knows that will never happen!

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Katie Ross said...

At least you get it over with (almost) in one big shot. I like the idea of having another baby near Jenna's bday.. hahahaha! I like Jonas's idea that you don't turn a year older until the candles are blown out. I won't ever blow out my candles then!!