Monday, July 13, 2009

Our New House

I am finally updating this blog, and it will take a few post to update the month of June. It was a crazy month and am glad it's over. We had to be out of our Loa house May 29 since we had our renters that needed to move in that night. We closed on our new house June 3 so we had to move all our stuff in storage for a few weeks until we finished doing things to the house. We stayed with Branon's brother in St. George and just traveled up to Parowan everyday to do the work. You ask what we did? There was popcorn ceilings that we got rid of and that what so much work put glad we did it before we moved in since it made a huge mess. There was wall paper downstairs and that took a few days to get off, then we painted the whole house. We are replacing the whole downstairs floor. We have two rooms done, and we have the hall way and family room to still finish.

This is our backyard and one of the reasons why we liked this house we because of the trees.

Our front. I know you are thinking a split level, not my favorite but the appraiser told us that our house was the "deal of the year in Parowan" so we couldn't be too picky!

Jenna giving you one of many looks.

Bella got hold of scissors the day before we moved. She cut some hair on the top of her head really really short. It what you call unfix able. I took her in and had a few inches cut off and her bangs cut shorter. I think I like shorter hair, and she already needs to get it cut again.
We do not have Internet at the moment and that is one of the reason's why I haven't updated sooner but hopefully we will get it soon. That is something I can't live without!


McFarland Family said...

Looks like a really nice yard. How are you liking it?

Katie Ross said...

I don't think there's anyone who didn't get hold of scissors as a child and cut their hair. Your new house looks really nice and I love the big yard with the nice trees. We'll have to come visit soon...