Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to.......

For his birthday he really wanted to go camping and since he doesn't work on Wednesdays we were suppose to go camping last night but with the weather I decided that we should hold off. I know he was disappointed but I tried to make it up to him. I let him sleep in and it helped that Jonas slept in too. Then we went up to Yankee Meadow(it's a place up the mountain) for lunch. We went for a little walk, built a campfire, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Came home Jenna took a nap, then went to Cedar to have Chinese buffet, one of his favorites. All in all I thought Branon had a good birthday and if the weather is good we are going to go camping this weekend. Here are some pictures of the kids having fun!

Oh and we can't forget our new friend, Rascal. Yesterday I took the kids to the pet store thought it would be fun. They acted like it was a candy store! Ever since then Jonas has non-stop asked for a turtle. While we were at Yankee Meadows Jonas was able to catch Rascal and thought maybe he will stop harassing me for a turtle, but no such luck.

If you are wondering what is on his head, it's a grasshopper.

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NancyO said...

Cute pictures Marylynn. And belated happy birthday to Branon!