Friday, August 20, 2010

First day of School

Here is Jonas with his craft that they made. They are going to put their picture in it and hang them around the school.

The first day of school was yesterday but I tried to post and of course the internet wanted to not work while trying to upload pictures. Summer went by way too fast and was not excited about school being here because I am not a planned/schedule person. Now that it's here I'm very excited and can't wait until Bella starts Kindergarten on August 31. Parowan elementary makes the first day really fun. They have the parents come the first 2 hours and have them help do a craft, teachers put on a kit, and then they go out on the football field and have all the kids put on a little skit. The theme this year is "Start your Engines" so they made it around Lightening McQueen. The teachers made their own cars and at the very end did a little race. I thought it was really cute.

Even though Bella doesn't start Kindergarten until later they still had them come to be part of the morning events.

Here are the teachers racing!

You can see how thrilled Jonas is to start school.


Katie Ross said...

Sounds like fun! None of the schools I ever taught at did that kind of fun. :( Hope the school year goes smoothly.

Amy Foster said...

Cute! Haha, I love Jonas' face in this! What an awesome school! I wanna go there! Hey, come visit again sometime!!!