Friday, November 12, 2010

October Fun

October was a busy month but a lot of fun! We were gone every weekend except Halloween. The first weekend we went and saw my oldest brother Eric run the St. George Marathon. He did it last year too and he makes me want to do it. I ran a half over the summer and decided that was enough for me but then seeing him again thinks I could do it. Although I'm glad I didn't do it this year because it was one of the hottest ever. Since he was so fast I don't think it effected him though. Next weekend we again went to St. George because Branon's mom had a Family Reunion/90Th Birthday party for Grandpa Trane. Branon's parents from Alaska were down so it was nice to see them and nice to get to know that side of the family a little better. The 3rd weekend we again went to St. George when all of my siblings got together besides my brother Eric and his family. We had a lot of fun! We went to Jumping Jacks, which is one of my kids favorite place. You get a nice work out chasing the kids all around. We also went hiking which is one of my favorite things to do. Fourth weekend we went to visit my brother Mark in Colorado which will get it's own post(when I get around to it because it's already taken me so long to do this post). Fifth weekend was Halloween in which we did the ward trunk-r-treat. Here are some pictures of our FUN!

My nephews Myles, Hunter, and Josh

Jenna taking a ride on Grandpa Rawlings on our hike.

The Rawlings Crew

This is one of my favorite pictures of Bella

Grandpa with the girls
My nephews who are the cutest two year old twins ever, and the my brother Mark as the cutest 4 year old twin boys.
Jenna loves Jumping Jacks and I love to watch her!
Grandpa Rawlings also had fun watching and playing with his grand kids.

Trane Reunion. We had a very yummy lunch at the Church. His brothers that live in Alaska are missing, but we still had fun.
This is at Branon's brother Haldon's house making Halloween sugar cookies. Whenever my kids can make a mess they are all about it.

I got to go with Bella's class to the pumpkin patch. It was fun to watch her pick out her pumpkin. There was this boy in her class that said, "look there is a Cinderella pumpkin", and then Bella spent a few minutes trying to find it. Then finally asked if they were all Cinderella pumpkins. Sure!

Jonas and his cousin Kodiak

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Sounds like fun! I love your blog background and header!!!! So cute!