Monday, June 13, 2011

Scary Movie

Every time I see this picture I have to laugh. I looked out the window to check on Jonas and this is what I saw. I wish I recorded it, it was much more entertaining. Branon couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard because Jonas does things like this all the time. I guess it was the mask that reminded me of those dumb Scary Movie's or the memory I have as a child. My brother Steve would probably not like me to share of this but since I know he never reads this it will be okay. I remember when I was little Steve would sit in the bathroom forever and I would sit on the stairs and listen to him act out GI Joe. Eventually I would start laughing and then he would get real mad. Jonas a better sport because after I showed him the pictures all he said was "Oh, mom you were spying on me." Then he walked away and didn't seem to care where as I would have to go hide afraid of what Steve would do.

I just love Jonas so much. He is such a good big brother and has been helping me more with a better attitude. I can't believe he will be eight next week.

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