Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Week

This is a month late but that's because it's been one crazy summer and can't believe it's more than half way through. For those that don't know but the third week in June is very crazy for us. It starts with Father's day, my birthday on the 21st, Jonas's on the 23, and Bella's on the 26. Jenna is the one left out and maybe that is why she is so crazy.
This year was a little more crazy than normal. Branon took that week off and took Jonas up to Ogden with a friend and his son. While they were gone I did a party for Bella. It was a little stressful since it was my first time doing a theme party. Of course it was a Little Pet Shop party and thank goodness for the Internet to get ideas. We did a craft, played games, then presents and cake. All the stress was worth it because I think all 14 girls had fun. It also helped when Bella said "It's my best day ever!"

The reason they went to Ogden was because Jonas and his friend went to Basketball camp with his friend at Weber State. So since he went there that took in place of his party. Although we took a couple of friends to a new place in St. George called Anti-Gravity. It's a place with a ton of trampolines. I think they had a lot of fun.

Are you wondering how old we are now? I turned 31 and feel good but saw a picture of me recently and thought, wow I do look older. I even found some gray hairs and know that's why I have to color my hair. Jonas turned the big 8. I'm hoping he will choose to get baptized but as right now he says no. I wish I could make the choice for him but I feel like it is his choice and he would be more upset if I forced it on him. Bella turned 6! She has been such a big help but she is starting to get more sassy but I think it's the age.

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