Sunday, April 5, 2009

Popcorn Bead

This is a $65 bead.
Last Monday I was looking in Bella's ear and noticed there is something wrong here. I asked "Bella did you put something in your ear?" "No" was her reply. I asked if her ear hurt and she said no. Then on Tuesday I decided to take her to the clinic since I needed to take Jenna in and see if she still had an ear infection. The Doctor looked in her ear and said yes there is definitely something in there. She tried to get it out while Bella screamed bloody murder, and no success. She told me that I will have to go down to Cedar City(2 hour drive one way) to go to a ENT specialist to get it out. I asked her again did you put something in your ear, again she said no. I asked her "Did Jonas put something in your ear?" Of course she said "Yes". I had Branon ask Jonas if he had put something in her ear. He told him that Bella put a popcorn seed(kernel) in her ear and that she tried to get him to put one in his ear. Then the next day(Wednesday) Branon, Me, Bella, and Jenna took the 2 hour drive and went to the ENT specialist and he had the right tools to pop it out. She didn't scream has hard thank goodness. I told them that they were going to have to strap her down because the way she was at the clinic. After we got home I asked her if she put that in her ear and she finally said "YES". I asked her if she is going to ever put something in her ear again. She is such a smart girl because she said "NO". Jonas wanted to see what was in her ear and I told him that it wasn't a popcorn seed it was a bead. Then he told me, "Mom I said popcorn bead not seed." Whatever it was, it was expensive. Jenna still had an ear infection so we at least made more of the trip and did her pre-check up to get tubes in her ear. So on Tuesday morning she will be getting tubes in her ear. Hopefully this will help the process to walking. She is now 13 months and isn't even close to walking. Bella didn't walk until she was 15 months old but she had to get tubes in her ear too. Two weeks after she had tubes in her ear she started walking.

It's funny that Bella is wanting to be the big sister now and want to hold her. Bella did not want to touch Jenna when she was a little baby. Now that Jenna is on the go she hates it when Bella tries to hold her down. I have hope that those two will get along.

I love this expression of Jenna. I love this age when they are showing more of their personality.

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NancyO said...

Bella cracks me up (but I guess it's not always too funny if you're her mother). Glad it came out OK. Cute pictures of Jenna and Bella!