Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bucket Head

Here are some recent pictures of Jenna. It amazes me how different personality each kid comes with. I have to say Jenna is in one of my favorite stages. She doesn't walk yet but getting close, but she can speed crawl. She got tubes in her ears about a month ago, but that seemed to not work. The last few days have been extremely hard with her and finally yesterday I could no longer take her screaming. I held off a little thinking she couldn't have another ear infection but of course a double ear infection. My kids get there teeth a little later then normal, she has 4 on top and 3 on bottom and I noticed she is getting her molars in. I think that has to something to do with the extra fussiness and ear infection so I can't wait till they all break through.
The other day she put the bucket on her head and would talk and she thought she was so funny. Then she started to crawl and would run into the wall, the dog, and table. You would think I would have charged our video camera since I missed out on Jenna's birthday but that would have been another good video.
This is what Jenna loves to do most, go and pull Bella's hair. When I tell her "NO" she looks at me and starts to laugh and does it again. I think she also likes to get Bella's reaction. Bella has to put her toys up higher too because she starts to freak out when Jenna comes close to them. I can tell these two are going to get along very well!

I just loves this picture so I had to post it!


Katie Ross said...

That last picture of Jenna looks a lot like you did when you were little. I can't believe how big she is getting! The bucket on her head cracked me up.

Amy said...

Bummer about the double ear infection. Carson has done that a few times lately. Cute pictures! I love the picture of Jenna grabbing Bella's hair. So dang funny!