Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where did my brain go?

Okay I wasn't born with a lot of brain, being the last kid I got all the crappy left overs that you would give to a pig. I know this because all my older siblings are very smart. Then what brain I do have I think after 3 pregnancy's I don't have any left. So tonight I had Jenna in the bathtub, and I was pulling my hair back, then I look over and she had pooped a whole lot in the bathtub. Not only did she poop in the bathtub but she apparently ate it. Seriously happen all within seconds. Got her out and it takes forever for the bathtub to drain so you would think "put a diaper on her". No didn't do that. Almost have the bathtub cleaned out before I hear a lot of cussing in the other room. Branon came in the kitchen and slid and almost feel on his face. Yea, slid on Jenna's poo. I'm still in the bathroom and here comes Jonas saying he has poo on his hands and on his socks. Really how much poop can there be? It was all over the kitchen floor, down the hall, and in Jonas and Bella's room. Apparently she has really bad diarrhea. Branon was so awesome and cleaned it all up. After it was all cleaned up we had a good laugh about it and will know next time to put a diaper on her, which I should have done in the first place.

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RonElaine said...

that is crazy! poo is the worst cuz it stinks so bad! hopefully there is not more to come.