Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving to the big town

We are moving and some it may come to you as a surprise and others not so much. We are known to move a lot and let me tell you it's one of my favorite things to do! I really should be a pro at it by now but I hope I can be a little more organized this time and have it go smoothly. Right now we are living in Loa, a population of 500 people we are moving to


The population is 2700. Branon applied for a job in Panguitch called Silverado Ranch. It's somewhat similar. Right now he works for a wilderness program and only works with the kids for 6-8 weeks. This place is a Therapeutic Boarding school and the kids are their usually at least 12 months. Parowan is 15 minutes North of Cedar City so we will be a lot closer to convenience but still have the small town which I have grown to love.
I will miss Loa a lot. I have made some really good friends that I hate to leave behind but I still plan on coming back to visit. When we first told our children they were not too excited but know they have no choice. I don't think it really phases them until we actually move. Bella says she wants to move our house. Really! That is one thing I won't miss, our next house will have two bathrooms something I'm going to look forward to.

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McFarland Family said...

Very exciting. I hope all goes smoothly. I get the moving itch a lot but doubt I'll ever follow through.